DAY 22 
Psalm 37:7-11
I love how the Amplified unpacks verse 7; “Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him.” In our action packed, diary filled lives, being still is a concept we are unfamiliar with these days. We celebrate rest as an bonus lie in or when we decide to leave the dishes and grab a cuppa instead.
Resting IN the Lord however is something every child of God needs to make the number one priority in their lives. We need to learn to patiently lean on Him! So what does that mean? Resting our efforts, our strivings, our strength, self will and understanding and getting to lean on the matchless strength of the Rock of Ages, lean on the unfathomable understanding of the Alpha and the Omega and lean on the finished work of the Saviour of the World.  Resting, waiting and leaning are all actions that acknowledge we have our trust and faith firmly placed in our daddy God to be able to look after us, His children, and have our best interests at heart.
The enemy has such a habit of trying to displace that trust though. The world flaunts itself and men’s successes in our faces and at times it can seem like the balance of power and prosperity is actually tipped against our favour, tempting us to compare, get angry, frustrated and worry.  The thing is God clearly taught us not to desire the things of this world anyway, not to covet fame and fortune but to seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else would be added to us.  Easier said than done sometimes, when people pass you in their fancy cars going to their fancy houses!
But child of God, remember the sparrow and fret not. The God who looks after the birds of the air, who knows if even one of them falls to the ground knows all about you and your needs and what’s more loves you beyond comprehension.  His gifts, while sometimes material, are often things that money can never buy like love, peace and joy and He actually delights to give them abundantly to His children. Now that’s a real inheritance! No abundance of wealth will ever be able be purchase an abundance of peace.
I love how the old hymn writer put it “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full on His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” So turn your eyes from the world and its glossy images of what life is supposed to look like, that lasts for a moment and look into the eyes of the One who saw you and set you apart before you were even born. He looks inside you and calls out your purpose and His greatness in you. Rest in, wait for and patiently lean on Him.