DAY 26
Romans 8:18-25
No one likes waiting, whether it’s for a bus, the results of a test or even our favourite TV shows (ads are annoying!!). But wait we must and sometimes there’s nothing we can do about it – or is there?
We might not always have as much control over the timing of what happens in our lives as we’d like, but when it comes to waiting we can control our attitude towards it. We can choose to be patient.
Paul, in his letter to Christians in Rome nearly 2000 years ago, encouraged his readers to be patient. It was quite an ask, for their circumstances in life were not merely inconvenient or mildly irritating. Rather, their very lives were under constant threat simply due to the fact that they were Christians. Many were imprisoned or executed for their faith in Christ and refusal to worship the Emperor. Their circumstances were marked by suffering and struggle. It makes our minor annoyances seem small in comparison doesn’t it? For them, each day was a challenge to keep their faith, hope and love in a God who, at times seemed distant and unable, even unwilling to intervene in their lives and remove the suffering and replace it with joy. How much longer before this season would end? How much pain until the healing would come? How much more sadness before the light would appear? Ever felt like that?
Romans 8 reminds us that we are not alone in our waiting. All of creation actually waits for the day coming when God restores it to its original glory. In fact, He will re-create a new earth, freeing creation from all death and decay. Our human bodies wait for the day when they will be freed from illness, ageing and death and are fully redeemed back to people who are completely made whole again, body, soul and spirit. Only our God can do this. He has promised it will happen but we must wait for it. It is the same therefore for all the promises He has made to you. So just as creation will be restored so magnificently and our human bodies made whole so perfectly, then so too the promises He made you will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t measure your future by your present surroundings. In fact, as Paul says “our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” What’s ahead is far better than you imagine. Yes,  you must wait for it, but hold on to hope and don’t let go.
And so today, be encouraged. If you’re waiting for God to come through for you – keep waiting. If there’s a promise that hasn’t been fulfilled yet – keep waiting. He will do His part; our part is to wait…but to wait patiently.