DAY 30 
Psalm 27:13-14
How many times have you found yourself losing heart in times of trouble?  How many times have you found yourself gripped with fear and getting despondent because you have focussed on the facts in front of you as opposed to the faith inside of you?
In these two verses we read about how, as David focused on God, his fears disappeared and his heart was confident that he would see; “the goodness of the Lord” even though he had not yet received the answer he had longed for. So, he counsels himself and he counsels us in verse 14 to “wait for the Lord; be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart”.
David, like us, had many reasons to have anxiety and fear in his life, but he had one greater reason to have peace.  In the waiting room of life there are many times we find ourselves in a place of waiting, waiting for God to direct our paths, waiting for answer to prayer, waiting for God to speak, waiting for our health to improve, waiting for financial breakthrough – the list is endless.
The key is HOW we wait!  The Bible tells us to “be of good courage”; some versions say ‘take courage’.  The word ‘take’ means to reach for something and hold it, so therefore it’s a choice.  We need to choose to take courage.  The Bible says “if you, then I”.  So when we wait with courage God strengthens our heart.  He’s in the waiting.
As we like David wait and focus on the Lord and remember that He is our light, our salvation and our stronghold, we can have victory over fear.  As we make God our top priority and seek Him with all our hearts like David did in verse 4 we will be assured instead of anxious.
We simply need to get our thoughts on God and turn to Him and pray and remember that He will never turn away from us but has promised that as we wait for Him we will see His goodness.
Someone was once quoted as saying, “Fear is a reaction.  Courage is a decision”.  The question is what will your choice be?  How can you have victory over fear in your life?  Focus on God and your fear will disappear!