DAY 31
Isaiah 55:1-7
There is food, and there is junk food. There are foods that build the bones and muscles, and there is food that clogs the arteries. There is food that provides energy, and there is food that adds fat. In short, there is good food and bad food. The question is, why would people spend good money on bad food? Presumably they like the flavour and discount the consequences.
God asked a similar question many many years ago about how his people were feeding their souls. They seem to have been more interested in tickling their palates than in eating a healthy spiritual diet. So God asked them, “Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength? Why pay for food that does you no good? Listen to me, and you will eat what is good, you will enjoy the finest food.
Isaiah 55:2 (NLT)
But where specifically is this “food that is good for the soul” to be found? In the Word of God! When God’s Word is taken seriously, when God’s people turn to it constantly, hungrily feed on it, inwardly digest it, and allow it to generate its life-transforming energy in their lives, they will thrive. We will experience a wellbeing that only comes from a satisfied soul. In Isaiah 55:11 (NLT) God says that when His Word is sent out it always produces fruit, it accomplish all He wants it to do and it will prosper everywhere he sends it.
When we come to the Lord eagerly, unreservedly, expectantly, repentantly, and trustingly, we can partake of the rich food of His Word. This food is not cheap though – it is free! Someone else paid for it. Access to God and His provision has been provided and paid for because of Jesus and the benefits are available by faith to all – free of charge!
The delicious menu includes an everlasting covenant, mercies, and unfailing love (Isaiah 55:3), the promise of a fruitful life (55:10-12), and a “glorious” experience (55:5). But to benefit from this rich fare, we must abstain from the junk food of wrong thinking, from “the very thought of doing wrong” (55:7). It is in the womb of the thoughts that sin is conceived. So, “Let the people turn from their wicked deeds” (55:7). We must embrace a new regimen of turning to the Lord and discovering His thoughts and desires. The change in diet will quickly generate fresh nourishment, new energy, and vitality.
When the arteries of the soul are clogged through a bad spiritual diet, cardiac arrest of the spirit happens. Instead of beating regularly and powerfully with love for God, the heart becomes cold and heavy, the flow of energy becomes lethargic, and spiritual activity stops. BUT …..There is HOPE, there is a way to remain healthy and whole via a diet of divinely prepared  food that is good for the soul. Consume the word of the Lord daily and surely your health shall prosper and his presence will remain with you all of your days.
As we move into a new month, let’s adhere to the Lord’s nourishing direction only found in His word and relish the fact that, as we eat up, we will then be up.