AUTHOR: Estelle

‘God grabbed me by the shoulder and said, “Get up. Go out on the plain. I want to talk with you.”’ (Ezekiel 3:22 MSG)

The world’s version of self-care is going to the spa or attending a ‘stress less’ seminar. Such practices often teach that to quieten the soul, all noise should cease, but the results are very short-lived. In God’s kingdom, worldly views are tossed on their heads. The Lord is saying that He wants to talk to us. Where? In a place of no distractions. We waste so much time on social media, phones and emails, yet the Lord is quietly whispering, ‘How about me and you catching up?’ The noise of life is muffling and drowning out his voice and our busyness is numbing his promptings to come and sit at his feet. Social media has attracted masses of us because we benefit from the connection, the information, and the inspiration of others. But what if we searched all of the above with the Lord, his connection, his information and his inspiration?

The Lord desires our engagement and a devoted heart for Him. He doesn’t want to ‘follow’ us, he wants to lead us. Are you suffering from digital fatigue?’ How many of us wake in the morning to the latest happenings on social media, text or email rather than reading his word? How many of our prayers haven’t been prayed due to the love of digital drama? We’re called to make the most of our time on earth, not squander it. Yes, digital connections have their place, but let’s put more focus on connecting with God this month. ‘Go out to the plain, I want to talk to you.’ Our obedience to such a call will have to go beyond human reasoning and may require risk and ridicule, but it will cause us to hear what others can’t hear and see what others can’t see. Surely that’s such a precious gentle nudge to come close again?

What noise in your life do you need to silence? What do you need to put into place so you can go out onto the plain and talk with the Lord? What self-care practice do you need to make happen so that you can hear Him clearly? We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose. Are you willing to put him before your career, business, popularity and vision?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then go and sit quietly at his feet and He will answer you loudly and you will be encouraged, built up and ready for the next task He has ordained for you. I love this little verse in Romans 8 v 15 (MSG), ‘What’s next, Papa?’ To find out what’s next for your life, career, family or ministry, go out to the plain and there, the Lord will meet with you. Get up and go, He is waiting to embrace you into a new season.