‘All we have are five loaves of bread and two fish,’ they said. Jesus said, ‘Bring them here.’ Then he had the people sit on the grass. He took the five loaves and two fish, lifted his face to heaven in prayer, blessed, broke, and gave the bread to the disciples. The disciples then gave the food to the congregation. They all ate their fill. They gathered 12 baskets of leftovers. About five thousand were fed.’ (Matthew 14:17-21 MSG)

Picture the scene, three hungry kids and one hungry husband. Open the fridge to a block of cheese, box of eggs, questionable onion and not much else. The larder isn’t much better. But equipped with the special ‘mum anointing’ – that we can make something out of nothing – we sit down to omelettes with a side of boiled rice and some surprise Arctic roll for dessert from the back of the freezer. The ability to envision the provision of a meal even in the reality of a sparsely-filled cupboard, allows us to operate in our gift and provide for those around us.

The boy who brought his five loaves of bread and two fish to Jesus, surrounded by thousands of people, didn’t allow the reality of his small lunch box to distract him from the reality of his miracle-working Jesus. Never allow lack or comparison to prevent you from seeing things the way Jesus does, just bring what is in your hand and watch as He works miracles in your life and in the lives of those surrounding you.

God has equipped you with everything you need to serve him powerfully and effectively, all He asks is that you bring what you have, who He made you to be, with your unique character and gifting, and allow Him to do the rest.

Today I will let go of comparison and thank God for what I have been given and, in bringing it all to Him, believe that He will equip me for the tasks that I feel are beyond me and commit to trusting and believing that with God, all things are possible.