Pull me out of this mess. Don’t let me sink. Rescue me from those who hate me and from all this trouble I’m in. Don’t let this flood drown me. Save me from these deep waters or I’ll go down to the pit of destruction. Oh, Lord God, answer my prayers. I need to see your tender kindness, your grace, your compassion, and your constant love. Just let me see your face and turn your heart toward me. Come running quickly to your servant. In this deep distress, come and answer my prayer. Come closer as a friend and redeem me. (Psalm 69:13-15 TPT)

Have you ever had a moment in life where you literally feel like you are going to drown in the circumstances you find yourself in? If you answered, ‘Yes’, to that question, you are in good company. In Psalm 69, David was in a situation just like that. He tells God that the waters have come up to his neck and he even pleads with God, ‘Let me not sink.’ But what impacts me most about David’s writings and prayer life is his ability to talk things out with God in a raw and real way. He doesn’t hide himself and say what he thinks God wants to hear. What I also love is that he does not remain in his pit of despair. By verse 34, he is declaring that God has authority over the seas, the very thing that he is drowning in.

Perhaps today, you’re drowning in the fear of what a new year holds or maybe you’re drowning in a sea of textbooks with pressing deadlines or perhaps, you’ve just became a first-time parent, surrounded by questions and drowning in the worry that you might not be doing the right thing for your little new-born baby. Do not fret because if He can hold the stars in the sky, He can hold you and keep you from sinking. For some others, maybe you’re at the other end of the spectrum and you are swimming in the sea of opportunity. Doors are opening left, right and centre for you. What an amazing place to be, but just know that success has its struggles too. We can often walk into opportunities relying on God but walk out the other end relying on ourselves. This undercurrent of self-sufficiency has the ability to pull us under at any time if we don’t keep a humble heart and keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.

So today, whether you find yourself in a place of trial or triumph, both require you to declare who God is in this season. So why don’t you take a moment now just to commit your success – or the lack of it – to Jesus. Speak out thankfulness and gratefulness for who He is and acknowledge that He is God in your life and He will keep you from sinking.