Author :  Jemma

‘You may not realise what I am doing now, but you will fully understand it later.’ (John 13:7 NIV)

This year has been a year where I have let my anger come first, where at times I’ve lost my direction. There have been many times when I forgot God’s goodness and faithfulness and easily let bitterness in. Distance and heartache have felt common and unfortunately, God has not always been the first person I turned to for questions that I needed answered.

Lately, I have studied and I am still studying the Book of Job and if you have had a year like the one I’ve had – or even a day where nothing seems to be in your favour – I would encourage you to read this book. The very first verse of Job claims that Job was blameless and upright, he feared the Lord and honoured him. Then God responds to this love and pretty much brags to Satan about Job. God then allowed Job to go through all these trials, tribulations and diseases to prove that his love for God was real and not dependent on the blessings of God.

We can’t be dependent on God’s blessings. We are called to live by faith and not by what we can receive. I love Job’s declaration in the next few chapters, ‘We take the good days from God, why not also the bad days?’ (Job 2:10 NIV). Remember this verse in your disappointments, in your tiredness, in your waiting or war. He is still with you and He has a plan in all the good and bad.

The Book of Job doesn’t end badly and your story will not end badly. Job got back everything that the enemy took and more, because he loved God, he kept away from sin and he still honoured God throughout all the trials, the sadness and the dark places.

If you’re in a bad place and can’t seem to find the hope that God brings, take yourself to Psalm 100 where it says we can sing ourselves into his presence. In his presence, we will find joy, peace, rest, love, beauty and hope.

‘In the crushing. In the pressing, You are making new wine. In the soil I now surrender,You are breaking new ground.

‘So I yield to you into your careful hand. When I trust you I don’t need to understand.’

(New Wine – Hillsong Worship)

Today, I will trust in my God in the times where I don’t quite understand. I re-commit my whole life to Him again today, holding on to his ways, knowing they are higher than mine.