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Compassion Ministries is a ministry of social care and action seeking to reach individuals from our communities and see their lives transformed, restored and full of purpose.

We are a church based, not-for-profit organisation providing care, compassion and support for people facing challenge from all walks of life.

Transform Programme:

Not Conforming…Transforming

Often the choices we make in life literally determine the quality of the lives we live. So, if you don’t like your life then change your choices! Give our team six months of your life to invest in you and instruct you so that in the future you can make the informed choices in your life that will transform your world.

If your willing to do whatever it takes then the Transform programme may be your opportunity to leave the past behind and let God open up a new chapter in your life that will give you freedom to write your future.

The Transform programme aims to provide the skills and support necessary for participants to transform their lives by training and development in Christian values, attitude and character accompanied by:

  • life skills training
  • workplace skills development
  • personal mentoring, encouragement and support
  • workplace experience
“Before I started Transform I was gone, lost, broken, I didn’t see the point in anything. I believed I had no future and didn’t think I would even be alive for much longer. Being part of the programme opened me up to the fact that I could do more than sit at home doing nothing. It opened my eyes to see that I could, and wanted to, get help with the issues I was dealing with. Now I believe in the future I’m going to be able to help other girls who were in the same situation I was. I’m living completely free, I believe in myself, I believe in God and what He’s done for me. My life is Transformed!”

Former Transform Student

As a result of the programme…

We believe that participants will be able to live fuller, freer lives contributing positively in the home, workplace and community. Support for participants will be ongoing at Green Pastures after the Transform Programme comes to an end through mentoring support and through further opportunity to contribute and be a witness and example to others within the communities we serve, who find themselves in similar circumstances prior to the Transform Programme.

Big Brothers & Big Sisters

What is Big Brothers & Big Sisters?

We need a generation of men and women to rise up who will walk with those who are facing life alone, unsupported and uninspired. “Big Sisters” and “Big Brothers” will walk alongside others and inspire them on to make “big changes” and the life God has designed for them.

Every man and woman is unique, every situation is unique so every relationship will be unique and have its own requirements and needs. As a team Big Brothers & Sisters will support, encourage, pray for, train and equip ourselves together to meet these needs and see a stolen generation of men and women rise up to their calling and design to be warriors, princes, princesses, sons and daughters of the King.

How to become and Big Brother or Big Sister and what you will be committing to:


  • You will be interviewed
  • Training will be provided
  • You will be POCVA checked
  • Monthly team meeting
  • Weekly contact with little brother/sister
  • Then we can match people based on personalities, issues and location and will continue to provide support to each other as a team so that these pairings can grow into lasting friendships.

What do I do when I am partnered with a little brother or sister?

Getting together with your “brother” or “sister” should be something you both look forward to! It doesn’t have to be a special event or an expensive activity, but should be tailored to meet their needs. Things like: going for a walk, going for lunch, working through a book or Bible study together, cooking a meal together, helping with housework or chores, or sitting together in church.

Or just spending time together talking things through!

As you get to know them, and they start to open up you may begin to uncover hurts and issues that they have never dealt with. In church, our prayer ministry team will be able to meet with and counsel them through these issues. We will have monthly training courses to equip you and will continue to build a resource library where you can find help and information on many of the issues you may be facing with your partnered sibling.

Being a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” is a big responsibility but also a huge privilege. Together God will use you to represent His heart for them bringing hope, healing and restoration to lives often full of hurt and difficulty. The potential to make big changes in someone’s life is huge.

Freedom House

Girls’ Residential Programme

For more info on Freedom House, how to support the work, get involved or how to apply to the programme please visit their website

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