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Lifegroups are a vital part of our church life here at Green Pastures. They are small groups of people who meet monthly or fortnightly to provide connection, community and “one another” care. Covid 19 has brought about many changes in this past two years. Not only are we living through the global pandemic of a physical virus, we are also wrestling with the effects of an emotional one: isolation and loneliness. Lifegroups are in a sense an uprising against loneliness; a place where friendships are forged and faith is stirred. A place where you can be authentic and encouraged; among a people who will share your pain, promote your joy and call out all that God has intended you to be.

We have a wide range of group options available to you around discipleship, bible study, interests, activities, sports, and also around particular stages in life. We pray that in engaging with a Lifegroup, and in deepening our fellowship with God and each other, strength is added to our lives and we will know the power of God, individually and corporately like never before.

[Please note that owing to current Covid restrictions around indoor gatherings space is limited, and so in order that as many people as possible have opportunity to avail of a Lifegroup space, we would ask that you
only sign up to one group.

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